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JumpBunch is the leading national provider of mobile sports and fitness programs for children of ages 15 months through 12 years! 

Call us today for a FREE demonstration for your daycare, preschool, school, or facility. 
Once classes are scheduled we come in on a convenient day bringing all supplies and equipment to provide a high energy, fun filled class for your kids focusing on sports introduction and building healthy habits early!  When we leave, the only evidence we were there is the smile on face of a child.  Our weekly program will quickly become something your students look forward to and a way to give your parents that something extra they expect.


Benefits of JumpBunch:

  • Academic BenefitsThere is brain research the supports the link of increased acdemic performance to movement & physical activity.
  • Health Benefits:    Research shows that children spend more time in front of the television, computer and video console and less time being physically active.  Poor nutrition and lack of appropriate physical activity are major causes of obesity and diabetes, which are considered national epidemics.  JumpBunch sets the stage early on to instill a true appreciation and love for sports and fitness.
  • Aids in Childhood Development:  Physcial fitness programs aid in the social and academic development of young children.  Children have a natural tendency to be active.  JumpBunch allows children to participate in physical activities in the early years setting the stage for children to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle now and down the road.
  • Educational and Entertaining:  JumpBunch provides lasting health and educational benefits in a fun, positive and engaging manner.  Some benefits include:  instilling confidence, self-esteem, building coordination, fostering teamwork and encouraging a lifelong interest in sports and healthy habits.
  • Sports Focused:  JumpBunch focuses on introducing sports to children.  It offers a unique set of proven, structured activities developed by experts offered to thousands of children everyday nationwide.  Each lesson plan is both age and developmentally appropriate.
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70 Activity Plans Find JumpBunch in Your Area
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