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Welcome to JumpBunch of NorthWest Long Island



     Who runs JumpBunch?   Me!  My name is Dana Gutkowski, the Owner and Operator of JumpBunch of Northwest Long Island.  My coaches and I run enrichment classes for toddler, preschool, and school-age children throughout Long Island.


What is JumpBunch? JumpBunch is a fun introduction to sports and fitness for kids.  It is a non-competitive, fun, physical education program.  Each week we introduce a new sport or fitness activity to the children to give them a hands-on experience to sports and fitness.  We strive to stimulate the children physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


When/Where is JumpBunch?  Each Ask your daycare, preschool, community center, library, or secondary schools about bringing JumpBunch to you!  We are completely mobile.  Get your children active without the extra travel!  Free class opportunities for new customers.  


Why JumpBunch?  Each structured activity is carefully designed to build confidence and help instill a life-long interest in sports and fitness at an early age.  JumpBunch helps develop hand/eye coordination, body balance, as well as large and fine motor skills.  We are in the business of fighting childhood obesity and instilling healthy habits at and early age.


How do I sign up for JumpBunch?  Ask your the center to bring us to you today! Parent pay programming and school spoonsored programs available!   

OR...60 Second Challenges!!   Looking for something different?  JumpBunch 60 Challenges!  Kids work through 6-8 new activities in each one-hour class, usually in teams of two. Players earn points and compete to be the day’s winning team. It’s a little competitive, sometimes a little silly, but each activity is actually carefully crafted to sharpen fine and gross motor skills, encourage teamwork and problem-solving. Through the cheers and laughs the 60-Second Challenge has proven to be a worthwhile program kids look forward to each week. Example? One player stands in a hula hoop holding a bucket on his or her head. The other player stands five feet away and has to bounce ping pong balls into the bucket. The player in the hula hoop can’t leave the hoop but can bend down to try to catch the balls – Don’t spill your bucket! At the end of the 60 seconds, teams are given points based on the number of ping pong balls in their buckets. The players then switch places so everyone has a try at each role! This game is called “bucket head” – but wait until you hear about “cookie face”…


Thank you for your interest in JumpBunch of Northwest Long Island!  I would love to discuss potential opportunities of hosting a JumpBunch program with you.  Please call 516-637-5270 or email





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70 Activity Plans Find JumpBunch in Your Area
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